The Raptor Story

Raptor Training Wing has a single, simple mission – to be the best training partner for any level of sportsman or woman.

Raptor Weight Vest DemoWhy Use a Raptor Weight Vest?
Wearing a weight vest during your normal exercise routine means that you burn more calories and get more from your training. The load is held on the torso by the vest which has virtually no impact on your flexibility and movement.

You can wear a weight vest during almost any kind of exercise or activity – from gentle walking to boxing and martial arts, the effect of weight vests cannot be understated.

About the Founder – Rod Mann
Rod’s belief in Weight Vest Training and Core Stability Workouts began more than 15 years ago and is the result of training alongside members of the Armed Forces and sports professionals in the UK, Europe and the USA. Over the years Rod never felt that he had the perfect weight vest, which is why he set about creating the new generation of RAPTOR Weight Vests.

From his experience with sports and military professionals, Rod saw the value of creating a high-end vest; when every ounce of energy needs to be converted to success, there is no substitute for the best. The benefit for amateurs and other users is that RAPTOR weight vests provide exceptional value for money and return on investment over their lifetime.

Proud supplier to the Military
We are proud of our involvement with a number of military trainees, experts and military units around the world. Raptor Weight vests are perfect for Military training in their modality, similarity to body armour and variability. Please contact us for more help or a quote for your unit.

Why Choose RAPTOR?
Don’t just take our word for it: the word about RAPTOR is spreading – and we have a range of medical and sports professionals who have been amazed at the results:

Kevin lidlow“For functional rehabilitation there is proven value in the use of weighted jackets as they can increase physiological stress into any programme without compromising central key points in the musculoskeletal system. The advantages of increasing the carried load centrally is obvious, however the design and ergonomic features of the RAPTOR Weight Vest™ makes it particularly relevant in both elite sport and in any structured rehabilitation programme.

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