SPEAR Combative Suit

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As used by UK Special Forces
The HIGH GEAR™ Impact Reduction suit is state-of-the-art, force-on-force, scenario equipment designed to help create the most realistic training experience. Custom athletic design ensures snug fit for maximum range of motion and protection.

The complete suit contains 8 components: Head gear, throat guard, combat gloves, elbow/ulna pads, peroneal nerve pads, shin/knee pads, combat shorts and torso protector. HIGH GEAR™ is perfect for all aspects of combatives, like detainee handling drills & CQB, to more conventional training like MMA, grappling and the striking arts.

Advantages of the SPEAR Combative Suit:

  • PROTECTIVE PADDING: HIGH GEAR™ uses ‘smart foams’ that allow for virtually full mobility and fluid shock transfer when struck. We’ve designed it to transfer energy & impact. In other words…you still get hit and feel it! But, it protects you from cuts and major bruising.
  • GREATER CONTACT & POWER DEVELOPMENT: HIGH GEAR™ provides a distinct advantage by allowing combat athletes to generate more speed and intensity during training but without the normal risks associated with conventional sparring like bruising, cuts, and so on.
  • UNSURPASSED MOBILITY: HIGH GEAR™ is so streamlined that athletes from any style can work almost all their tactics & techniques without the restrictions of bulky protective equipment.
  • FIGHT ANALYSIS, ISOLATION & REPLICATION DRILLS: Coaches can study an opponent’s tapes and then have sparring partners wearing HIGH GEAR ‘replicate’ the attack while the athlete finesses the counter -over & over and at full speed and with serious contact! An unprotected sparring partner would never last as long.
  • EXPERIMENTING WITH NEW TECHNIQUES: New tactics can be experimented with without the fear or risk of getting cut or caught.
  • PROTECTING CUTS OR OTHER INJURIES: In the case of an accidental cut in training, HIGH GEAR™ can be used to protect both the sparring partners and the fighter so the fighters can continue to sharpen their skills as they peak for fightnight.
  • RING GENERALSHIP: HIGH GEAR™ will improve confidence and therefore help generate a stronger performance and it will likely improve a contact fighter’s career longevity.
  • ASSETS & INVESTMENTS: HIGH GEAR™ is a missing link that can help improve training intensity, refine technique under resistance, diversify tactics, as well as help fighters protect & heal injures while continuing to train for events.
  • THE POLITICS OF SAFETY: Integrating state-of-the-art protective gear sends a professional message regarding safety and preparation.

Please note:
The SPEAR Combative suit comes in 3 sizes, small, medium or large. The price shown below includes 20% UK VAT and FREE Shipping to the UK Mainland. For shipping to other territories, please contact us by email at info@raptorweightvests.com or call us on 01256 972064.





The Combative Suit includes 8 high-quality components to build the best combative suit available. This includes:-
  • Head Gear
    • State-of-the-art design with integrated foams to protect the chin, jaw, cheekbone and eye-socket
    • Full Plexi-Glass shield rests on a 100% leather encased, molded 1/4” HMWPE plastic frame with four adjustable straps for secure
    • Marking cartridge helmet option available.
  • Throat Guard
    • Form-fitting, contoured plastic and padding ergonomically rest against the windpipe & throat
    • Offers additional protection from accidental strikes to the throat.
  • Torso Protector
    • Unprecedented mobility unavailable in any other chest guard on the market
    • Wrap around protection for the critical floating rib and solar plexus region
    • Unique foam and plastic trauma plate inserts protect the brachial tie-in, shoulder, clavicle and spinal regions.
  • Combat Gloves
    • 100% leather, open palm design for excellent sensitivity for weapons and transition to detainee handling
    • Plastic trauma plates protect the metacarpals and thumb from shock damage during training.
  • Elbow/Ulna Pads
    • Innovative design provides extended protection to the ulna, forearm, elbow and triceps region
    • Designed for delivering forearms & elbows during CQC, crowd penetration or ground and pound.
  • Combat Shorts
    • Lightweight, one-piece design with heavy duty lycra covering o ers exible protection for the complete upper thigh, hip and tailbone
    • Internal padding and trauma plates allow movement to grapple, kick, run or sit.
  • Shin/Knee Pads
    • Wrap-around design protects the calf and knee cap
    • Additional cushioning for the MCL and LCL ligaments
    • Lightweight, tight- tting with plastic trauma shields to protect the shin bone and top of the foot.
  • Peroneal Nerve Pads
    • Additional padding for knee and shin kicks to the nerve clusters above the knee
    • Fills the gap between the top of the shin pads and the bottom of the combat shorts.