Raptor TAC 15 Weight Vest

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The Leading Multi-Function Weight Vest
The Raptor TAC 15 Weight Vest is aimed at professionals on the national and international level as well as serious amateur sportsmen and women.

When integrated into your standard training program, you’ll be amazed at the results – once you unlock the possibilities of training with a Raptor Weight Vest the sky really is the limit!

What makes the difference?
The Raptor TAC 15 Weight Vest comes complete with 12 x 1200g weights, as well as 6 strength tested anchor points for towing and bungee exercises.

The Raptor TAC 15 Weight Vest increases the resistance and compression during exercise to improve the body’s core muscles. Raptor Weight Vests are also extremely comfortable so do not effect the way you prefer to train – simply put on a RAPTOR Weight Vest and complete your normal training routines. The more you train, the more options you will find to increase your effectiveness and return better results from each session.


  1. Revised shoulder padding
  2. Glow stick holders front & back
  3. Add your own velcro patch to the back of your vest. Velcro your name,team or squad patch!


Weight kg
Vest Colour

MTP-Multicam, Black


RAPTOR Quality
RAPTOR Weight Vests are made with a double-layered skin and are double stitched throughout. Used by various Military, police and pro sports teams world wide are vests are built to perform and last! All stress points are ultra-reinforced and tested!.

Performance & Comfort

All RAPTOR Weight Vests include a COOLMAX© performance hygiene inner liner to provide comfort, performance and moisture wicking. The inner liner is made of durable fabric that can be cold machine washed for hygiene.

Colour Options

To suit user weight of 50Kg to 80Kg, the Raptor Rookie 15 Weight Vest is our recommended choice for athletes with smaller frames - especially juniors and sportswomen. The Raptor TAC 15 Weight Vest is a firm favourite with female athletes from a wide variety of sport and military background.

Vest Weight
Weight of Vest: 15.5Kg / around 35lbs - contains 12 x 1200g cast iron weights.

Optional Accessories

  • RAPTOR Spare Coolmax Inner liner / if vest will have multiple users recommended!
  • RAPTOR 8 meter Heavy duty tow strap
  • RAPTOR Bungee anchor training bands
  • RAPTOR Comfort running Pad
  • RAPTOR Glow sticks RED & Green
  • RAPTOR Sweat wrist band
  • RAPTOR Comfort running pad

RAPTOR Size Guide

Raptor TAC 15 Weight Vest:

  • One size fits all: for chest sizes from 28" (70cm) to 48" (120cm)

Raptor TAC 20 Weight Vest:

  • One size fits all: for chest sizes from 28" (70cm) to 48" (120cm)

Raptor TAC 30 Performance Vest (special purchase only):

  • One size fits all: for chest sizes from 28" (70cm) to 48" (120cm)