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We are delighted to be able to offer the Weight Vest Workout eBook for sale as a separate item.

This eBook is included with all sales of Raptor Weight Vests free of charge, but is included here for the Fitness Community at large.

About the Author: Stew Smith
Stew is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, a former Navy SEAL Lieutenant, and author of several fitness books such as Tactical Fitness, The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness, Maximum Fitness, The Special Ops Workouts, and SWAT Fitness.

The ‘Weight Vests Workouts’ manual has been specifinally created by industry expert Stew Smith for individuals training with a Raptor Weight Vest. While ‘Weight vest Workouts’ will help military entrants, it will also help any fitness enthusiast looking to incorporate a weight vest into their existing training program and gain the many benefits of weight vest training.

Stew had also written more than 700 articles and sold over 40 eBooks for military.com and StewSmith.com.  He is also a consultant with the government in the area of troop physical development through his non-profit training program called РHeroes of Tomorrow.

Stew has worked professionally in the tactical fitness (military, police, fire fighter, rescue, and special ops) arena for nearly 20 years focusing on a specialty of helping people become a member of any unit that requires a rigorous selection phase and physical fitness test.



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eBook Table of Contents

  • About the Author
  • Other Books / eBooks
  • Contact Stew Smith
  • Adding a Weight Vest to Training
  • Dynamic Stretching Explained Descriptions of the Exercises Workouts Explained
  • Running in Special Ops Programs The Workouts
  • Closing Remarks