Welcome to the Raptor Training Wing!

At Raptor Training Wing, we have a single focus: to develop a high-end weight vest for athletic and military training of the highest level: when every ounce of energy needs to be converted to success, there is no substitute for the best. The benefit for amateurs and other users is that RAPTOR Weight Vests provide exceptional value for money and return on investment over their lifetime; nothing lasts as long as a RAPTOR Weight Vest. You can read more about the Raptor story here

Why Choose RAPTOR?
Don’t just take our word for it: the word about RAPTOR is spreading – and we have a range of medical and sports professionals who have been amazed at the results. Click here to read what the professionals have to say about RAPTOR Weight Vests, or browse through to our online shop to see the full range.

Proud supplier to military personnel
We are proud of our involvement with a number of military trainees, experts and military units around the world. Please contact us for more help or a quote for your unit.

Working with renowned suppliers
With our focus of providing products of the highest possible quality, we have also partnered with the organisations below to helps us source components and accessories to enhance the RAPTOR Weight Vest range and its applications:

Raptor Training Wing is proud to be working with fitness training partners across the UK and abroad:

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